A Fresh Start

We generally recommend that we begin every new client engagement with a full scale HR audit.  We will identify areas of organizational, safety and employment strengths and vulnerabilities.  We will examine existing programs of Core, Compliance, Talent and Organization Categories. This is the best program to help clients to determine project development priorities.


Feel free to Download this complete list of services at the end of this document.





Fundamental Basics to guide the employment process from hiring to active employment to post employment procedures and programs.


Perform or manage Payroll Administration – Will work with the client and payroll providers to deliver on-time payroll, manage time-off and systems challenges and timekeeping corrections and breaks.  This transactional task will maintain federal and state compliance needs and most importantly relieve the client time robbing transactional duties. Will manage Workers’ Compensation incidents and claims.


Employee Relations Management. Will provide on-site coaching and interpretation of policy and SOP as it relates to actual practices throughout the organization.  Will communicate all relevant issues with Client Management and Workforce Management team for review and approval.  General policy questions include: Employee performance issues and complaints, Operating Procedures, attendance, time off requests, Leaves of absence, Wage and hours, benefits and compensation.


Review and Update Pre-employment Administration. Will review and customize all tools as approved by the client to successfully and legally hire employees.  Includes Employment Application and Documents, Legal Brochures, Posters, Payroll Status Change, and we’ll offer customized Online HR System.


Review and Update New Hire Programs/Orientation.  Will review and customize as approved by the client, to Provide new hire offer letters as approved, scheduling and conducting new hire paperwork, I-9, W4, benefits management, On-boarding and review of policies. Legally compliant Job Descriptions for every unique position. The Consultant will be available to conduct all new hire process and on-boarding for each new hire.


Background and Testing for New Hires.  We will conduct legal and comprehensive background checks to discover the true history of your candidates and employees.  Learn about criminal, driving, use of illegal substances and more.  We will also administer validated Competency Testing to better project future performance of your employees. 


Post-Employment Assistance.  Will work with our HR and Legal experts to ensure that voluntary and involuntary terminations have minimal risks.  Will coach and advise throughout the entire process.  Will manage all appropriate notices and legal requirements.


Benefits Administration. Will provide answers to questions and work with Benefits Broker for all business and health insurance needs, along with Customer service to employees, including open enrollment. 


Custom HR Information System by Zoho. Implementation and Management of Advanced HRIS.  Features include Management of Employee database, Leaves of Absence, Time and Attendance, Shift Schedules, Employment Files and Documents (Employee Handbook, SOP), Performance Appraisal Management, Expenses and Employee Self-Service and Mobile access. (additional costs will apply)


Recruit Frontline Employees. Based on allotted positions and approved job descriptions, Workforce will recruit, screen, coordinate interviews (and coach hiring managers), conduct background screening and hire all non-exempt personnel. Client makes all final hiring decisions.


Special Projects.  Client may assign the HR Consultant special projects in support of Company and HR matters.  The HR Consultant will communicate with relevant client and Workforce personnel to perform such duties as assigned.


Unplanned People related issues.  We expect that some unplanned non-routine issues will arise. Our Consultant will be expected to review with client and Workforce Management and Legal team before taking any actions. 


Program Maintenance, Management and Advisory. Completed projects usually require some form of continuation to maintain and update the programs.  Some clients prefer to save time and resources and allow us to manage new programs.  We recommend continued advisory for all HR Programs.





Programs, Coaching and hands-on support to minimize the company’s legal exposures from Employment Lawsuits, Regulatory penalties and Safety Incidents.


Review and Update Compliance Programs.  Will review existing compliance programs, such as the Employment Policy Handbook, Safety IIPP, Workers Compensation Loss Runs and Standard Operating Procedures. Will (re)develop programs to align with the client’s business goals and culture. Compliance programs will be developed, approved by client, implemented and trained.


Employment Handbook.  Will review existing handbook or develop a brand new handbook.  To include employment, safety, operational policies. Support legal and functional operations.  Should be updated annually.


Injury Illness Prevention Program. As required by Cal-OSHA to document all safety processes to prevent, minimize and respond to employee accidents, training and reporting.



Coaching and Discipline Programs. Develop written guidelines for Managers and Supervisors. Coaching for routine situations.  Discipline for policy and performance violations, up to and including termination.


Employee Investigations. For major employment violations, such as sexual or other unlawful harassment.  Will conduct interviews, documentation and appropriate actions to protect you from legal exposures and the well-being of victims.


Workforce Violence.  Documented program for prevention and response to incidents and emergency.  Will include employee and supervisor training.


Active HR Compliance & Management. Will provide telephone and on-site coaching and interpretation of policy and SOP as it relates to actual practices throughout the organization.  Will communicate all relevant issues with Client Management and Workforce Management team for review and approval.  General policy questions include: Employee performance issues and complaints, Operating Procedures, attendance, time off requests, Leaves of absence, Wage and hours, benefits and compensation.


Employee Hotline. 24/7 Live operator with cross connect to an expert Workforce consultant any day, anytime.  Employee calls may be questions about policy or benefits or to confidentially report harmful behavior, theft, harassment, safety  or other violations.


Safety and OSHA. Will develop and maintain Safety and Workers Compensation policies and practices, including Training, Safety Meetings, Accident Investigations, Management of OSHA and Attorney inquires and visits and Consultation as authorized by client Management.


High Risk Employee Issues. Includes Investigations, Suspensions, Leaves of Absence, Workers Compensation incidents, Regulatory and Legal Challenges as requested and authorized by client Management.





Active support and outsourced services for full service recruitment and hiring of essential positions, along with candidate assessment and new hire development.


Professional, Technical and Executive Recruitment. Full service, full cycle professional search led by our recruitment team.  Includes process coordination, multiple channels of candidates sourcing, interviewing and hiring support and placement.


Background Investigations. Know who you are hiring! We have access to conduct as comprehensive background checks as the client prefers.  Including Criminal, Driving, Social Security, Education, Drug Testing and more.  (some additional costs apply)


Skills Testing. Can your candidates walk the talk? Some candidates have the brilliant gift of conversation and will provide a great interview.  Unfortunately, some of the best talkers are the worst employees.  Let’s assess their skills and work habits to increase your chances of success hires. (some additional costs apply)


Roles and Responsibilities (Job Descriptions). We’ll create job descriptions to identify critical roles and responsibilities to impact your business.  Not just a few bullet points. Job descriptions will also provide legal protections needed regarding FLSA classifications and ADA requirements.


Supervisor/Leadership and Employee Training – Will develop “custom” learning modules and methodologies based on Company needs and requests.  Will deliver interactive on-site training and coaching, supplemented by webinar and multiple delivery methods as needed and authorized client Management.  Examples of modules include: Effective Communication, Coaching and Discipline, Interviewing Skills, Sexual and Unlawful Harassment, Team Development, Workplace Violence, Safety Training and more.


Frontline Employee Training. The best organizations broaden training to all employees, not only supervisors.  We have a range of modules to customize learning that improves productivity and behaviors for your unique work environment. 


Performance Appraisal – Will coordinate Performance Review Process, including distribution and tracking. Will process all administrative aspects of the Performance Appraisal process and time via systems.  Recommend reviews at 30 days, 90 days and Annual.


Legal Terminations.  California is the one state in the U.S. where one mistake in terminating an employee can cost you six figures in damages just to settle.  We’ll review every termination to ensure that it is done correctly to minimize your legal exposures, while doing the right thing for your employees and your business. 






The best business leaders understand how HR will Drive your Business past your Competitors. Organization Development and Business Operations services with measurable accountability for our work and your success.


Business Operations Consulting:  Process, Standards and Training. Will develop and train employment “Operational” policies and standard operating procedures that serve the client’s operating objectives to maximize consistent productivity, theft prevention, expense management and the highest Customer Service.


Supervisor Development.  Interactive Supervisor Training and Coaching. Individualized Plans for Real World, on the job challenges.  Included are Frontline Employee Coaching, Progressive Discipline, Legal Compliance, Employee Investigations, Communication skills, HR Compliance and more.


Wage and Rewards System. Will develop a formal Wage and Rewards program based on the job description, marketing and competitive demands. This will provide consistency and fairness and avoid perceived bias within the workforce.  Will look at strategic wage and rewards to protect the “Best in Class” employees.


Planning and Strategy. HR planning and strategy and related business issues may be supported by Workforce Principal Partners and related Team members as authorized by client Management.


Legal Challenges by licensed Attorney. Will provide attorney support through our HR Consultants for all matters of employment related, up through Regulatory Agencies as authorized by client  Management. Should the need arise for an Attorney/Client privileged engagement, Workforce will surrender all applicable aspects of the engagement to a Licensed Attorney, up to actual litigation.


Organization Design.  Understanding Business Flow and communications. Organization structure redesign, reporting process, communications and accountability. 


Change Management.  Effective messaging and actions for change strategies and tactical practices in the organization.


Employee, Customer and Exit Surveys.  One of the most effective ways to fully understand the pulse engagement of your active employees, your customers and departing superstar employees. As a third party, we safely provide the survey in the most confidential manner and gather the most important “trends of information” such as service levels vs. expectations, customer service ratings and recommendations, false workers comp claims, unreported violence and harassment in the workplace, effectiveness of supervisors, care and support by senior management, benefits, reward, and Company Brand Reputation.  




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