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Workforce Consultants has cracked the code for better COVID workplace management

With so much COVID information, webinars, articles and reference links, it seems that no one has figured out how to create a complete and simple COVID playbook. Employers need to protect  employees and the organization by fully understanding their responsibilities in compliance with their business objectives, Cal-OSHA, CDC, ADA and others.  Everyone knows the difficulty of keeping up with the moving target known as COVID workplace management.  We believe that we have created a simple tool, along with our consultation to help California Employers stay on top of this global crisis. 



Employer Solutions for Supporting Working Mothers During the Pandemic – And Beyond

Undoubtedly, working mothers have always worked a “double shift” – a full day at work followed by hours spent caring for their children, running to soccer practice, and getting food on the table. Before the pandemic, however, working mothers at least had a network of support including childcare and school to make this challenge possible. But once COVID-19 hit, childcare became scarce, virtual school continued indefinitely, and the months blurred together. 

Full Article by Fisher Phillips
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Featured Training by Workforce Consultants



Workforce Consultants provides more than 300 hundred training modules that can be delivered in-person by live trainers, by live Webinar or online LMS.  Broad topics of our training resources include the areas of Workplace Safety, Supervisor Training, HR Skills Training, Employment Compliance & Legal, Customer Service, COVID Responsibilities, Professional Development and IT Security.


This month we feature our training module called Frontline Leadership, which is designed for new and experienced supervisors and managers that lead your frontline employees.  This custom designed, interactive training program provides a better understanding of:


Alignment with your company goals

Manager accountabilities

Managing your company policies and procedures

Impacting employee behavior

Communicating with employees 

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