HR Strategies provide solutions much like the Football Schemes

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Most Americans are glued to the TVs or their Devices to watch the Superbowl every year.  We anxiously wait for weekends during the season to watch our favorite teams of the NFL. That’s what we do.  That’s what we love.  However, not many people compare our beloved game of football to human resources (HR) – sorry for the buzz kill -  Employers  are sometimes backed into a corner and may be forced to use professional HR programs in their business operations due to legal challenges, overworked HR staff or regulatory threats.


The best teams in Football are usually the same four or five teams every year competing for the Superbowl Title.   They all have common strategies.  These teams have developed player engagement and a culture that is driven to win. They are agile enough to resolve organizational problems quickly and fairly, enough to get player buy-in.  Their operational strategies include intense training and policy enforcement producing the deliverables:  A high potent offense capable of scoring at-will and a nail stopping defense that minimizes exposure to being scored upon.


The companies that perform the Best in your industry (every size, every market, every industry) use the same strategies for their HR alignment to Business success.



On Offense  -  Professional HR provides comprehensive Auditing of Policies and Processes to get in front of exposures so they are not challenged. This process also places everyone in the organization on the same page – full alignment.  The  Employee Survey measures the tone and culture of the workforce and the best Employers take appropriate action steps to make corrections and communicate the results to all employees.  One of the most overlooked areas on offense is the most important: That is Continuous Training and Development (T&D).  Continuous T&D spans well beyond On-boarding and On-the-Job training and instruction. What about Organization Communication? Supervisor Skills for leading? HR and Compliance? Safety and OSHA (and Covid) to name a few?  These few and other essential training modules will set the stage for growing the business, developing employees and creating a culture and tone that leads to sustainable upward business performance. 


On Defense  -  Professional HR takes proactive corrective action to those areas of vulnerability, by training their supervisors and employees to eliminate confusion and inconsistent practices. Incentives are provided for sound Safety Practices and Certifications are awarded for Training and Skill development.  Prompt actions to problems are taken, combined with interactive communication involves the Employees in the direction of the organization and increases engagement within the Company. Employee Handbooks, Operating Procedures and Policy development are essential, but just passing them out for signature is not enough.  Train Supervisors and Employees to increase awareness, along with an openness to their ideas and revisions.  A healthy and involved culture is less likely to sue their employer should the Company make a mistake because they are now part of the process and solutions. 


We encourage you as a Business Leader, the next time you think about HR as a just a cost center, remember the great sport of football and think about why some teams are always great and some teams are always losing.  We know with proven data, when Companies feature best-in-class HR practices on offense and defense, they create a sustainable winning team.


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