Supervisor Prep Course


Kickoff date is October 12, 2022, 9am by enrollment and invitation


Course Instructors: Greg Wilson, CEO and Francisco Fernandez, Sr. HR Consultant


Private Management Coaching: Optional Services provided by Andrea Baker, Partner and Sr. Consultant and Nicole DeSimone, Professional Therapist and Management Coach





        The Supervisor Prep Course is an intense 3-month program with key modules to prepare top employees and new supervisors for the great responsibilities of leadership. Our job is to create accountability to impact performance in the workplace – Your specific workplace.


Near all of our clients have said that top employees and master-level technicians do not automatically make good leaders. We hear this all the time. Therefore, we focus this training on identifying their gap issues and developing their skills. Most importantly, we hold them accountable to use their new skills. Participants of our Supervisor Academies will increase their probability for a successful transition to leadership. The Prep course blends carefully selected LMS online training, custom-developed company related modules, and Workforce instructor-“live” web training for a deep dive learning. This series is a 3- month program with custom training modules and requires a commitment of about eight hours per month per participant with much of the program may be completed at home, therefore minimal loss of production from the workplace. We have included an optional fourth month for companies that wish to expand the development of new supervisors.




Focus on clear learning objectives with real workplace application

  1. How to transition from excellent worker to an effective leader
  2. Learning how to effectively communicate and collaborate with team
  3. How to discipline and document employees for improvement
  4. (Optional) Introduction to employment laws


The Supervisor Prep program is 3 months with one (1) free bonus month and private coaching options

  1. Every course has a 2 hour kick-off session with participants and their supervisor by Web Meeting
  2. All participants receive access to online course introductory module and Pre-work assignment which to be completed prior to the Instructor-led course – approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours
  3. Instructor-led course will be conducted “live” Web Meetings and On-site Options. Every meeting begins with accountability review for pre-course work and post-course work – 30 to 60 minutes
  4. Actual Live Course will include fundamental learning themes and real-world application for each participant – Remember, we will have 3 or 4 monthly courses - approximately 3.5 hours per session with breaks
  5. Post-course assignments will be required for every participant to practice newly learned themes in their workplace.
  6. Supervisor reporting – a brief progress report will be provided to the supervisors of every participant. Private management coaching may be recommended for some participants (optional resource)
  7. Graduation Ceremony – At the conclusion of the Academy in February. Instructors will schedule a live lunch for participants and their supervisors. Awards and certifications will be provided (for Southern California participants only). Virtual participation will be provided for non-California participants or those unable to attend the live ceremony




Tentative Dates and activities. Subject to change

  1. The month of September – Early Bird Registration = 25% Discount per participant
  2. October 7th – Last day to enroll
  3. October 12th 9am - Program kickoff with Participants and their Supervisors
  4. October 26th - Online Module #1 and Module #1 Prework is due to Instructors
  5.  November 9th 9am to 12:30pm - Live Instruction – Module #1, “Transitioning to a Leader” Live in-person or by web meeting
  6. November 21st Online Module #2 and Module #2 Prework is due to Instructors           




    7. December 7th 9am to 12:30pm – Live Instruction – Module #2, “Effective Communication and      Collaboration” Live in-person or by web meeting


  1. December 19th – Online Module #3 and Module #3 Prework is due to Instructors
  2. December 19th – last day to enroll for Bonus Training and Management Coaching options      




     10. January 11th 9am to 12:30pm - Live Instruction - Module#3, "Discipline and Documenting       Employees" Line in person or by web meeting

  1. January 25th – Online Module #4 and Module #4 Prework is due to Instructors
  12. February 8th – 9am to 12:30pm – Live Instruction – Module #4, “Employment Laws

Federal and California overview”






Please contact August Dummer for Pricing and Registration information - 458.277.9306


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