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Adapted Services per Client Demands. One size does not fit All.


NO MORE 1-800 HR.  Every Client is matched with one of our internal HR experts for everyday, high-touch, on-site partnership. You also benefit from on-demand support by our Full Team of our HR, Legal, Talent, Safety, Training and Specialist Experts.


ALL PHASES OF HR. We have partnered with hundreds of clients over  our 10 year history, performing thousands of HR Projects:  Core Employment Operations, Compliance for Legal and Safety, Traning and Organization Development and Talent Acquisition & Management. All work is customized for the specific needs of every client and their unique challenges. All work is backed by our Leadership Team, Employment Attorneys and Expert Advisers.


CALIFORNIA EMPLOYERS BEWARE:  You know like we do that California is the most difficult State to legally employ people without lawsuits and regulatory challenges.  We retain multiple California licensed Attorneys to guide our Consultants through the many challenges faced by every client that we support. 

Grab a Fresh Start

If your company is serious about improvements based on the talent, skills, diversity and the Willpower of your employees, you want our Fresh Start program.  We will take a deep dive into all of your Workplace Employment programs and assess the tone and Engagement of your Employees.  Then we together will set your Human Capital priorities.

Why are Best in Class Organizations different from everyone else?

We have the studies of the Best performing firms of all sizes compared to ordinary firms. Learn why the Best Companies crush all others in Revenue, Employee Culture and Retention, Growth, Scalability, Engagement and Creativity.  Is your company all talk or ready to commit. 

Compliance California

We have the most experienced group of certified HR Professionals in California.  We retain multiple California Licensed Employment Attorneys and OSHA experts to support our consulting work.  We help Employers reduce and minimize employment liability and safety accidents and costs. 

Human Resource Strategies

Midsize (75 - 500 Employees) must operate well beyond Core HR Operations and Legal Compliance in order to sustain their place in the market;  grow and eventually dominate the industry within their communities and beyond. These are exactly the kind of clients we want to establish partnership to support the alignment of Human Capital with Business Goals.


Think about the full scope of Human Resources to include, but advancing well beyond Compliance. Consider your organization in terms of Culture, Development, Talent, Inventory of Skills, Employee Engagement ,Team Behaviors and Customer Experiences. Advanced HR should ranked with your most important programs for business growth and future ustainability.

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